Why it is the perfect time to renovate during COVID-19

Why it is the perfect time to renovate during COVID-19

Renovations are becoming a key focus for homeowners during COVID-19. With plenty of time on our hands, and a range of DIY products on the market, we are now able to complete the projects that have been put off. There are many benefits to starting your renovation, such as learning a new skill, having time to plan and even maybe improving the value of your home. Renovating (or simply updating your home) is a great opportunity to take charge of your space, creating an a space you cherish. Below are are the benefits of starting your passion project now:

Time for planning.

There is no denying that we all have more time in our days now by skipping the daily commute to the office. With additional time in our day, it allows adequate opportunity for planing.

May add property value.

Renovating is a great way to increase the value of your home. Renovating can provide the opportunity to list the property at a much higher price – but does not have to cost a large sum. There are a few cost-effective ways to update your home , such as installing a timber feature wall, updating the kitchen fittings or saving on installation by doing it yourself.

DIY products are readily available.

Some products can be installed by homeowners, rather than requiring a tradesman. Glosswood is one example of an Australian-manufactured product that is lightweight and easy to install. If you are handy (or have completed a similar project previously) it may be viable to install the boards yourself. Take a look at the installation guides here.

Above: Glosswood lining boards on living room ceiling.

Learn a new skill.

Renovating is a great way to discover new skills. With many homeowners wanting to save on costs, installing some of the products and finishes yourself is a great option. Installations range from homeowner-friendly to professional required, so ensure to read the manufacturers guides to determine your competency before proceeding.

Connect with your community (digitally!)

By starting the renovation process, you can connect online with like-minded businesses and individuals. Consider creating a Pinterest board for inspiring imagery or Instagram to track the process. Sharing the photos when you have completed the works is a great way to inspire and interact with others online.

Renovating is a great motivator.

By planning and focusing on renovating or updating your home, it is a great way to keep occupied and inspired. Find an area you’re passionate about; whether its collating ideas online, project managing or installing the products.