Using timber in an apartment

Using timber in an apartment

Timber lining boards are a great option to update an apartment interior and add value to your property. We explore the benefits of using natural timber in your apartment building:
Quick Installation

Glosswood use a species of timber called paulownia which is very lightweight making it is easy to transport into an apartment complex. In addition to this, the boards are also quick for the installer to fix compared to other denser products like tiles and stone walling. 


A cost effective way to update your home

Timber is a great way to renew your space, without having to completely renovate. A small feature wall can make a world of difference in a lounge-room interior. Glosswood can be installed onto existing walls or ceilings, and is a DIY product if you’re handy and capable.


Timber may assist with noise

Timber may assist with absorbing sound inside your apartment. Choose a product that has been designed with acoustic fabric and has undergone NRC testing, like our Acoustic Panels. This is especially beneficial if you frequently use the space for entertaining or play music.
Note: Please consult a sound engineer if noise is coming from surrounding residences.


Timber paneling can add value to your property

When it comes to selling the property, add a point of different to your apartment compared to neighbouring residences. Timber lining boards can completely change the appearance of the interior, and add warmth with a natural timber grain.


Image 1: HAL Architects

Feature Image: Arc Seven.1