Tips for installing timber in a kitchen

Tips for installing timber in a kitchen

Adding a timber wall or ceiling to your kitchen can completely transform the space. Natural timber can introduce personality and warmth to the interior, and is a quick installation process. As many kitchens contain harder surfaces like metal and tiles, timber can assist with softening the space and adding a natural texture. If you’re looking to install Glosswood’s timber lining boards, follow the below tips to pick the right product and location.

Selecting the finish

Glosswood has two superior finishes available, which are Matte and Satin.The Satin finish is a superior UV light cured coating that has a satin sheen and the the Matte finish is an oil or water based finish that gives a natural appearance. Between the finishes, there are 20 colour options to select from. Clients often choose warm neutrals in the kitchen to create a timeless look. If you can’t find the right colour for your space, there is also the option to purchase the Raw timber which can be coated or painted a custom colour by the installer.

Product location

Glosswood can be used on feature walls, ceilings or kitchen islands – and it has even been used as cabinetry! When installing timber on the wall or ceiling in a kitchen, there are a few things to keep in mind. Ensure the boards are in a well ventilated space, away from steam and moisture. This means ideally installing the product away from the stove-top and sink spaces. If installing the product in a high traffic area, such as walkways and under island benches, consider the use of corner trims, skirtings and kick-boards.

Maintaining the timber

Like any natural product, the timber boards need some maintenance. The Satin range is commonly specified in kitchens as it is easy to wipe down (with a damp cloth). By maintaining the product it ensures the timber looks its best and performs for years to come. If a Matte colour is selected, it can be cleaned with a dry-bristle brush. The Matte colours can also be re-coated down the track if required to enrich the colour of the boards or touch up a specific area. Click here to read more on installation & maintenance.

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