The InterContinental Hotel by Woods Bagot & CHADA

The InterContinental Hotel by Woods Bagot & CHADA

What: The InterContinental Hotel
Where: 815 Hay St, Perth WA
Colour: Distressed White
Product: 130mm Lining Board
Design: Woods Bagot & CHADA

In the luxury, heritage precinct of Perth CBD lies the InterContinental Hotel by Architecture firm Woods Bagot. In collaboration with Sydney Interiors team CHADA, the design of the luxury five-star hotel is nothing but spectacular. A bespoke approach was taken to the interior, incorporating local elements, artists and companies. Glosswood Distressed White lining boards were selected to be used in a number of spaces, including the bar ceilings and through-out the front reception space of the 240-room hotel.



Profile & Colour Selection

The lining boards create leading lines through the space, with the Distressed White adding depth to the beautifully soft colour palette of the space. The Distressed White was selected by the design team for the beautiful distressed look of the timber. Also as it is a Satin finish, it ties in with the other polished tile and brass finishes in the interior. The 130mm board was selected (rather than the 90mm boards), as the wider profile gives a greater impact in the vast space. 

Photographer: Dion Robeson

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