The benefits of timber acoustic panels

The benefits of timber acoustic panels

Looking towards future design, focus needs to be on selective material choices, as well as considering noise and acoustics within the space. As the design industry (as well as consumers) become more informed about the importance of noise control and acoustics, there has been a significant shift from the use of hard, flat surfaces that reflect sound to the increased use of Acoustic Panels. In this blogpost we explore some of the different walling and ceiling applications that Glosswood’s natural timber Acoustic Panels can be used.


Retail & Hospitality

It is not uncommon to visit a modern restaurant and find that many occupants have to raise their voice to be heard. This in tern can cause others to speak louder therefore escalating the noise in the space. This can hinder the users experience of the interior and overall experience. As well as noise from occupants, retail and hospitality venues often generate unwanted noise from reverberating surfaces. This is because these reflective materials (like glass and ceramic tiles) are also easy to maintain and clean in these high traffic spaces.

The Lobby & Receptions

The entry space is crucial when considering noise as it is a high traffic area. Many lobby and reception spaces are designed to be transition spaces, and therefore often are pathways containing many reflective surfaces (with minimal soft furnishings). In these entry ways both usage related noise (such as occupants speaking) needs to be managed, as well as space related noise (such as reverberative materials that amplify noise). One way of combatting this is by incorporating Acoustic Panels into the design.

The Workspace

The office environment is greatly effected by unwanted noise. Studies have indicated that noise is the key factor that causes disruption in the workplace, which can lead to a disruption in productivity*. This finding suggests that managing sound can have a significant effect on the users wellbeing. Acoustic Panels are one solution to managing unwanted noise, and also create a beautiful design feature. Timber is known for its acoustic characteristics, and is a great acoustic solution that is also aesthetically pleasing. Glosswood also offers additional Acoustic Matting that can be placed behind the panel to increase sound absorption.


Acoustics Panels are often considered for commercial applications – but are definitely beneficial in residential applications too. There are many uses, from using the panels open-plan living spaces to incorporating them into theatre rooms. Glosswood’s Acoustic Range offers flexibility in terms of colour, profile options and also customisation.


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