Sweetwater Rooftop Bar


Sweetwater Rooftop Bar

It’s often tricky to find a bar that’s menu is as good as its interior – but we’ve found it! The Sweetwater Rooftop Bar is tucked away in East Fremantle in Perth, and has been fitted out with Glosswood’s Teak timber boards used throughout the interior. The venue is impressively designed with brass elements, directional floor tiles and lots of indoor greenery, creating a strong chic bohemian vibe.

The luxe interior has also incorporated Glosswood, running it along the main feature wall, around the bar front and across bulkheads. The boards help to frame the interior and create a sense of direction in the space.

There are many interesting joinery details in the interior, such as the corner of the bar (image above).


Product: Designer Lining Double Profile
Colour: Teak (Matte)