Sustainability: How we are making a difference

Sustainability: How we are making a difference

The materials we use to design our homes and workplaces has a huge impact on our planet. Glosswood’s vision is to stop logging of native slow-growth forests by offering a natural plantation timber that is grown and harvested sustainably. Read below what we are doing as a company to make a difference to the environment:

We use sustainable plantation timber.

Glosswood use a species of real wood plantation timber called Paulownia. Planation timber is a renewable resource, and it can be grown up to six times before replanting is required. By using a plantation timber, it creates positive and long lasting benefits to the environment, local community and economy. Paulownia is also fast-growing, reaching maturity in twelve years. This quick growing timber reduces the need to log slow-growth forests. 

Timber can be repurposed.

Years down the track if you want to change the look of your space, Glosswood’s boards can be sanded back and re-painted or oiled. Repurposing timber reduces waste, and brings a new look to your interior. In comparison, look-alike composite ‘timber’ products cannot be altered after installation. Composite products are also often plastic and do not break down over time, ultimately causing environmental waste.

Packaging waste.

If there is an earth-friendly alternative, we will always choose to implement it. Glosswood have switched from plastic to biodegradable materials for sending out samples. We use certified compostable mailers, ‘honeycomb’ kraft paper and masking tape to reduce the use of plastic packaging.

We require a sturdy material that protects our timber product during interstate shipping and are currently looking into a suitable alternative to plastic wrap.

Glosswood is manufactured locally in Australia.

Glosswood is manufactured locally in Australia. By purchasing Glosswood, you are supporting the local economy.  Our dedicated team are constantly innovating to provide new timber profiles that appeal to the Australian market. Our head office and production warehouse are based in Perth, Western Australia.

Glosswood’s coatings are considered.

Our coatings are environmentally considered as we continue to innovate. In 2004, we launched our Satin coating which is free from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). VOC’s are a compound that transfers into vapors that are found in many consumer products. An example would be the odour that appears when opening packaging of a new product.

Giving Back.

Glosswood continue to partner alongside charities and fundraising initiatives. We regularly contribute to local non-for-profit charity Trillion Trees. Their aim is to plant and grow native trees to improve biodiversity, combat salinity and soil erosion. We also contribute to Containers for Change, donating our refunds from the returned containers to environmentally focused organisations. Our team continually look for ways to improve our efforts to make a positive impact on the community.

Looking forward…

We are making a significant impact on the construction industry by providing a natural timber alternative to the market. This provides a substitute to using material-intensive ‘recycled plastic timber’ as well as destroying slow-growth timber. We are excited to be on this sustainability journey to better improve our practices.

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  1. Design: Tim Wright Architect. Build: Tooltime Construction.
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