Acoustic Panels

Glosswood Acoustic Panels assist in absorbing sound within the interior using the beautiful aesthetics of natural timber. The Acoustics are suitable for residential and commercial applications, on wall and ceiling applications. The timber Acoustic Panels are a quick-fix panel, proving an efficient installation and cost-effective noise solution for commercial fit-outs. Enhance the aesthetic appeal of the interior while assisting with sound absorption using Glosswood’s Acoustic Panel range.




The range is a prefabricated and prefinished timber Acoustic Panel. The panels are made from solid hardwood timber and powder-coated aluminium brackets, with Acoustic scrim and optional acoustic matting. Glosswood uses Paulownia timber for its lightweight characteristics and natural acoustic properties.


As each Acoustic Panel project is unique, please speak directly to the Glosswood team for a custom quote.


Standard profiles
26 x 26mm Round Profile
26 x 26mm Square Profile


Custom profiles:
26 x 40mm Square Profile
26 x 60mm Square Profile
NOTE: The Profiles can also be mix-and-matched for a unique look


The Acoustic Panel is 368mm wide x 29.5mm thick (with a 380mm coverage including overhand of fabric). Standard lengths are 1800mm and 3600mm* however the panels can be cut to desired length on request. The gap between battens is 12mm.

*Current panel maximum length: 2700mm

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Timber Battens:
The standard batten size is 26 x 26mm in a Round or Square laminated batten profile. The Square and Round timber battens can also be purchased individually for detailing and finishing trim.


Acoustic Rating
Glosswood have achieved a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) rating of up to 1.00 during testing.* The Acoustic Panels come with black Acoustic scrim as standard, and 25mm or 50mm Acoustic Matting can be added behind the panel to enhance the results. If you have any further questions, please speak to the Glosswood sales team.
*NRC results may vary depending on factors such as application, room size, materials etc.


Matte & Satin. View colour swatches

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