New ways to design with timber

New ways to design with timber

There are so many ways to use Glosswood’s timber boards aside from the standard horizontal or vertical application. Check out the below designs using Glosswood uniquely by cutting, painting and integrating the timber boards in new ways.

Off-set the Timber Boards

Create visual depth by off-setting the boards, so they are not perfectly in line. The off-set look is easy to achieve and makes such an impact to a standard vertical lining board installation.

Cut-out Design

Glosswood use Paulownia timber, which is dimensionally stable and easy to cut. The two projects below cut organic shapes into the boards to create a feature ceiling.


Integrated Lighting

Wanting to make a feature while brightening up your space? Strip lighting can be easily integrated between boards, as seen below.


Achieve the Perfect Shade

Glosswood can be painted if you’re after a bold colour or bespoke look. The timber boards can be purchased Raw or Primed, then experimented with on site to achieve your preferred look.

Wrap around a curve

Make a statement by wrapping Glosswood’s timber boards and battens around curves. Below is the Round profile with individual trims (left) and Acoustic Panels with individual trims (right) at the Microsoft Offices in Melbourne. The ¬†individual battens were used on the curved surfaces (as they can flex around a sharp arc) and standard board/panel on the flat sections.



Feature image & Image 4: Arc Seven.1, Styling: Anna Flanders, Photography: Dion Robeson

1: Gabrielle Scott, Photography: Claire McFerran

2: Chloe Gordini, Styling: Anna Flanders, Photography: Angelita Bonetti

3: Design Theory Perth, Photography: Dion Robeson

5: May & Russel Architects, Photography: Kieran May

6: I.A. Design

7: Zephyr & Stone, Build, Lux Built, Photography: The Palm Co

8: NV Design Agency

9: Studio & You, Build: Monarch Building Solutions, Photography: Kasey Funnell

10: I.A. Design