Lets talk about bulkheads

Lets talk about bulkheads

Bulkheads are a lower part of a ceiling that can be used to create an intimate space by enclosing part of an interior. It can be used to disguise the height difference between rooms or to conceal services such as air conditioning and music systems.

Read more about turning your bulkhead into a feature using natural timber…



Finishing Details.

Add emphasis to your bulkhead by finishing with a timber lining boards or acoustic panels to create a design feature. Discuss with your designer or installer how you’d like the timber boards to be finished i.e. board ends touching, mitred and so forth.


Bulkhead Considerations.

Before installing timber onto a bulkhead, check which systems may be hidden behind the bulkhead such as lighting, heating/cooling or speakers. Ensure there is open communication between the tradesmen, so the electrician can indicate to the timber installer where access points and electrical cables need to be placed.


Direction of Timber Boards.

By running the boards in the direction of the bulkhead it creates leading lines throughout the interior, ultimately making the space appear larger (see above projects). Run the timber horizontally along the surface to make the space appear wider. Explore more projects in the Gallery.




Feature & Image 4: Tim Wright Architect

1: Canopy Fitouts

2: Arc Seven.1 and Kr8 Constructions

3: Paul Tilse Architects