Glosswood unveils new range of curved profiles

Glosswood unveils new range of curved profiles

Form Series is Glosswood’s new luxe timber range, featuring three contoured timber lining board profiles. The new range is suitable for architects and design conscious homeowners wanting to introduce movement into the interior or undercover exterior. The three profiles (Wave, Concave and Round) celebrate the authentic nature of timber.

Form Series - new range - Concave profile

Above imagery: Concave profile in Teak (matte) and Charcoal (matte).


“We found that designers are looking for a timber product that has movement and depth, which is why the Form Series has come about” says Glosswood director Pam Thomson. The new range reflects the familiar aspects of the natural world; mimicking the soft curves and contours. The lining boards are suitable for walls or ceilings, to create a feature or subtle backdrop. Form Series can be incorporated into residential homes, as well as commercial projects such as office fit-outs hospitality and retail. 

Form Series - new range - Round profile

Above imagery: Round profile in Tasmanian Oak (satin) and Spotted Gum (matte).


The range is available in all of Glosswood’s Matte colours. Alternatively, the boards can be purchased Raw and painted. The Form Series is available in a 2.4 metre length, and comes in packs of four. For more information on the new profiles, click here. Please speak to the Glosswood team in regards to the availability of Satin colours in the Form Series range.

Form Series - new range - Wave profile

Above imagery: Wave profile in Spotted Gum (matte).



Charcoal Concave project by Canopy Fitouts

All other imagery was shot by photographer Denise Rix and styled by Kristie Castagna