Integrating signage with timber

Integrating signage with timber

Looking for a new way to show branding on an upcoming commercial project? We would love to share with you a few ways to use timber lining boards to display logo’s and signage.

Craft Beautiful Signs by Printing onto the Timber

One way to convey brand messaging is by printing onto the timber boards. Printing adds character and is a great way to show logos, text and symbols. Simply install the timber lining boards then use a stencil to paint onto the surface. Printing onto the timber creates a personalised, bespoke feel.

Integrate Lighting onto the Timber

Another way to draw the eye in is to install lighting onto the boards. This is a successful way to promote branding while also creating a feature. Play with shadow by using cool-toned lighting, or bold colours to reflect the brand personality.



Customise your look

Cut, paint or stain Glosswood’s timber boards. As we use a dimensionally-stable timber, it is easy to cut organic shapes as seen below by BGC Housing Group. They installed the Round lining boards in Charcoal matte to create a custom feature.


Feature Image: Sweetwater Rooftop Bar

1: Jamaica Blue Cafe

2: Five Star Butcher Designed by Suburban Design

3: Nudefish Poke Designed by MorrisCo Design

4: Sweetwater Rooftop Bar

5: BGC Home Showroom