Installing Glosswood on a curve

Installing Glosswood on a curve

Can Glosswood be installed onto a curved surface? In short, yes it can. There is an allowance on the Tongue and Groove of the lining boards which helps to accommodate installing around an arc. If your project has a sharp curve, individual timber battens can be installed to get around the contour.


For a gradual curve…

It is preferable that the boards are installed with the Tongue & Groove running parallel to the curve of the arc of the wall or ceiling. Place the Tongue & Groove boards comfortably into each other, pin into place and let the polyurethane glue do the rest. When joining the boards together do not pack the lining boards too tight as this causes unnecessary pressure.

NOTE: The below project (right hand side) took the Concave boards around an internally curved wall. To achieve this look the install team had to cut the back of the boards to achieve more allowance.

Right product: 90mm Lining Board. Left product: Form Series Concave Profile.


For a sharp arc…

Individual timber battens are preferred on a tight circumference. As they are a smaller profile they can therefore achieve more of a contour. Glosswood’s lining boards and panels can be installed on the flat sections of the wall/ceiling, with the individual battens used in conjunction on the curved sections.

Right product: Round Acoustic Panels with individual trims. Left product: Form Series Round Profile


For assistance with installation

Talk to a qualified installer/builder or contact Glosswood directly on 1300 882 064. Please refer to our Installation Guides for more information.



Feature Image & 4: Studio & You.

1: Design: Kokadu Design.

2: Design: Tziallas Architects. Build: Palm Built Homes and Sankhara Co.

3. Design: I.A. Design.