How to: curved ceiling installation

How to: curved ceiling installation

Here at Glosswood, we often get asked if our timber lining boards can be installed onto a curved wall or ceiling. In short, yes they can. Installing Glosswood timber lining boards onto a curved surface is very similar to installing the lining boards onto a flat surface. Why is this? Because there is an allowance on the Tongue and Groove of our boards which helps to accommodate putting them into an arc (as long as the curve is not too sharp).

Direction of boards

It is preferable that the boards are installed with the Tongue & Groove running parallel to the curve of the arc of the ceiling

Joining the boards

When joining the boards together, do not pack the lining boards too tight. This will cause unnecessary pressure if the timber lining boards expand or move slightly due to minor movement in the building. Simply place the Tongue & Groove boards comfortably into each other, pin into place and let the polyurethane glue do the rest

Glueing the boards

It is the polyurethane glue that is holding the boards in place – not the Tongue and Groove or the secret nail. The polyurethane glue is a rubberized glue which allows the lining boards to move with expansion and contraction

Needing an extra hand?

It might be worth talking with a qualified builder or carpenter prior to installing the boards yourself. There’s nothing wrong with asking someone who has done something similar before!

Don’t forget to read the install guide

Please refer to our Installation Guides for more information. Alternatively, contact Glosswood directly on 1300 882 064 for further assistance