How to install glosswood on curved walls & ceilings

How to install glosswood on curved walls & ceilings

Can Glosswood be installed on a curved wall or ceiling? Yes it can. The majority of projects install our range on a flat surface, however sometimes a project may have tricky curves. Read our below tips for installing on to a curved wall or ceiling (always read the Installation Guides).

Lining Boards

The 90mm and 130mm wide lining boards have some movement to create a slight curve, but it will depend on the arc. It is preferable that the boards are installed with the Tongue & Groove running parallel to the curve. Lining boards should not be packed too tightly as this can cause unnecessary pressure.

Form Series

Homeowners and designers have been loving the new Round profile in the Form Series. The Round is flexible – it looks stunning in contemporary interiors as well as creating a mid-century look. The below contoured reception desk was achieved by installing the Round profile on flat surface and wrapping the matching Round trim around the curve of the counter. The trim was individually installed to seamlessly blend with the lining board in matching Spotted Gum matte colour.

Acoustic Panels

Leading architecture firm I.A. Design used Glosswood’s Acoustic Panels in the Microsoft office featured below. The Round Profile panels were used on the straight section of walls, with the individual round trim around the curved sections. To achieve this look, the black acoustic scrim is installed onto the wall prior to fixing the round trim to ensure the outcome is consistent.

Refer to the Installation Guides for more information on each profile, or contact the Glosswood team. Read our previous blogpost on curved ceiling applications here.


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