From the Archives: Peppermint Grove House

From the Archives: Peppermint Grove House

A sense of intrigue around every corner. This describes the beautiful residence nestled among the quiet streets of Peppermint Grove, Perth. The residence, designed by Wright Feld Husen Architects, is a great example of a modern home that has incorporated natural materials, staying true to the natural surroundings of the area. The design of this unique home was driven by the use of natural elements as well as a strong focus on blurring the boundaries between inside and out.


Entry to the property starts by following a cascading path between the neighbouring residences. The entrance structure is lined with Glosswood’s v joint lining boards, followed by natural timber decking and native Australian plants leading down to the house. The natural timber decking and Glosswood used in the entrance structure make it evident that the owner’s whole heartedly enjoy outside living.

Upon entering the home, the first thing that catches the eye is the large full height North facing windows which admire the native garden. The second, is the use of Glosswood Designer Lining in the steep pitched ceiling of the main living, dining and kitchen space. This integrates the internal and external areas by creating a sense of connection, as the timber is able to run through the eaves and alfresco area. The brief from the client outlined that there must be a “connection to natural elements by using natural and recycled materials.” This was a key reason why Glosswood was selected, as we use Paulownia timber which is sustainably grown and harvested.


The client selected Spotted Gum in our Matte colour range to tie in with the other earthy elements of the home, such as the stone walling, recycled brick and polished concrete. By using natural timber it also brings an element of warmth to the home and draws attention upwards to the leading architectural lines on the slanted ceiling. The Designer Lining in Double Profile was selected as it has a deep cut profile, which creates a stream lined effect throughout the interior. It also creates a shadow line, which ties in nicely with the matte black down-lights. The boards were easily installed with a v joint tongue-and-groove.

Visiting this home is like taking a breath of fresh air, with every corner reflecting the relaxed nature of the family that are lucky enough to live in this beautiful home.

Product: Designer Lining Double Profile
Colour: Spotted Gum (Matte)
Design: Wright Feld Husen Architects