Create a custom look with Raw

Create a custom look with Raw

There are many benefits to using our prefinished coatings; the finishes save the installer time on-site painting and are premium, factory finished coatings. However if you are looking for a hue outside of our colour range, or would like to create a bespoke look, Glosswood has raw timber which can be painted or stained. The raw is simply that  – our raw Paulownia timber with no coating. Achieve your desired colour with the flexibility of colour selection, level of gloss and how many coates are applied to the boards.

First Steps

We recommend testing the paint or stain on a few of our raw sample boards. This will give you an idea of how many coates are required to create your preferred look. Request a sample by contacting our team.

Don’t forget to prime the boards

Glosswood can provide the tongue and groove lining boards primed, or the installer can prime the boards on-site. Priming is an important preparatory step before painting. It creates a smooth surface to work with and ensures better adhesion of the paint onto the timber board. It also creates a consistent finish when the paint is applied and increases the durability of the paint job.


Above image: Zephyr & Stone painted Glosswood’s Designer Lining profile in Taubmans “Ashen Mist”.

Paint the boards prior to installing

By painting the boards prior to installation, it ensures all sides of the timber lining boards are sealed. If the lining boards are installed prior to painting, it leaves the other sides of the board exposed to potential moisture ingress.


Above image: Architect Clare Cousins lime-washed the 90mm boards in this Melbourne home.

Experiment with lime-washing or soaping the boards

Create a light, scandi feel by lime-washing or soaping the timber. Liming the boards is a technique in which water, lime and pigments are used to create a lightening effect. Soap washing looks very similar, and is a product that is applied after sealing to create a “white wash” appearance. Architect Clare Cousins lime-washed Glosswood’s Raw boards in the project featured above. After completing this interior, we found many homeowners tried to achieve a similar look with our range. This led to the launch of Satin colour Limewash, which is ready for installation without additional finishing.


Above image: NV Design Agency coated the Round profile in “Fairy Pink” from the Dulux range for this fit-out.


If coating with a timber stain…

If using an oil timber finish, wipe on liberally with a rag and allow adequate time for drying in between coates. When selecting a natural timber stain, keep in mind Paulownia timber is a light blonde tone.

Above Image: Paul Tilse Architects painted Glosswood a bespoke shade of White to match other white finishes in this space.


Image Credits

Feature Image: Design: Rachael Miklas Design & Detail. Build: Thoms Construction & Kapels Joinery. Photography: Louise Wellington
1. Design: Zephyr & Co. Build: Lux Built & Gold Coast Coatings. Photography: The Palm Co
2: Design: Clare Cousins Architects. Photography: Shannon McGrath
3: Design: N.V. Design Agency
4: Design: Paul Tilse Architect & Vanessa Hawes. Build: Capcorp Group & Braithwaite Building. Photography: Rodrigo Vargas