Breezeway House by Craig Steere Architects

Breezeway House by Craig Steere Architects

Located in Cottesloe among the Norfolk Pines is the newly constructed Breezeway home by Craig Steere Architects. The monochromatic abode sits on a narrow lot, so the design team ensured the space creates a feeling of openness. The home incorporates sustainable building design and uses natural materials where possible. This includes utilising direct sunlight during the day from the North, using cross ventilation via breezeway blocks and positioning the home to capture the breeze (and tree lined view) of the coast. Glosswood was one of the natural materials used in the home to bring a sense of warmth, seen below in the main living & kitchen space.



This custom family home design is simplistic in nature, to allow the occupants to make the space their own. The Designer Lining range brings an architectural feel, which the client wanted to capture in the main living space. The lineal lines of the double profile Designer Lining brings strength and direction to the open space.


The design team selected a natural tone, to bring richness to the otherwise neutral living area. Glosswood’s matte finish was selected, for the texture and ease of maintenance. The timber walling is accented by the black trim of the breakfast bar and sleek furniture, bringing a contemporary flare.


Design: Craig Steere Architects

Photography: Jody D’Arcy