All about timber

All about timber

Glosswood use Paulownia timber for a number of its characteristics. It is a sustainable, solid hardwood that is lightweight and can easily be stained. It has a blonde appearance, however some pieces can be more of a cool white and others more of a warm yellow. Glosswood celebrate the integrity of real timber, with each project exposing different unique features of the wood.

What is this timber species traditionally used for?

Glosswood use Paulownia for lining boards and acoustic panels, however it has many other uses. It has been used in a range of applications from boat-building, to surfboards, to musical instruments.

Why Glosswood use Paulownia:
  • It is lightweight
  • Sustainably grown & harvested
  • It has a beautiful grain with limited knots (so it is great for colouring or staining)
  • It is a plantation timber that grows very quick
  • Dimensionally stable (no cupping or warping)
What grade of timber does Glosswood use?

Glosswood use 1st grade A clear timber. The tree reaches maturity in twelve years – whereas pine reaches maturity at 20 and Jarrah in 70. Paulownia can regrow six times before replanting is required.

The colour range

Glosswood has 20+ colours in the range, however if you love the blonde timber look you can purchase the Raw Paulownia or Clear Ash (raw with a superior clear Satin coating).

Above image: Clear Ash Designer Lining (double profile).