All about Acoustics

All about Acoustics

Glosswood introduced acoustic panels after seeing an absence of natural timber options. Acoustics are beneficial not only in commercial and hospitality applications, but also residential. Homeowners are installing acoustic solutions in open-plan living spaces and theatre rooms. In this blogpost we explore some of the most frequently asked questions about the acoustics range.

What are the acoustic panels made of?

Glosswood’s acoustic panels consist of sustainable Paulownia timber battens, matte black powder-coated fixing plates and acoustic scrim. Learn more about Paulownia timber species.

How are they installed?

The acoustic panels are suitable for walls and ceilings, and installed on a furring channel or screwed onto battens/rafters at 450 or 600mm centres. Refer to the Installation Guide and Technical Guide for more information.

What sizes are available?

The panels are available in a 368mm width, with 380mm coverage due to an overlap of fabric. Standard lengths include 1800mm, 2100mm, 2700mm and 3600mm. Custom lengths are available on request.

What profiles does Glosswood offer?

The standard timber batten size is 26mm in a square or round profile. Custom square battens are also available in 40mm and 60mm profiles. The profiles can be interchanged for a custom look, see more on the Acoustic Panels page.

How do I work out quantities?

Glosswood recommend speaking with your qualified installer or carpenter for calculating quantities. Divide the width of the space by the 380mm panel coverage to determine how many panels are required,

How are the panel joined together?

The panels appear seamless side-by-side, as there is an overlap of acoustic fabric. Butt-join the ends of the panels together or leave an express gap in between. As natural timber has a 1 – 2mm variance, Glosswood recommends leaving a gap at the panel ends.

What are the matting options?

The panels come with a black acoustic scrim as standard. Add acoustic matting behind the panels for additional noise absorption. Glosswood achieved the highest NRC rating of 1.0 during testing with 50mm matting.

How do I install lighting into the panels?

Lighting fixtures can easily be installed as paulownia timber is dimensionally stable and can easily be cut. The lightweight panels can easily be removed to gain access to building services such as electricity.


The acoustic panels are a custom product and sold directly through Glosswood. Email the sales team for more information or to get a quote:


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  2. Design: Architect Tim Wright