A Modern Heritage Home in Country NSW

A Modern Heritage Home in Country NSW

Jess Hunter is a residential interior designer and the owner of this generous heritage home in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. The interior has a contemporary edge, while the history of the building is acknowledged with a weatherboard cottage frontage. The home is heavily connected to the site through the large floor-to-ceiling windows that look out to the property and beyond. Comprising of three pavilions, the structure is linked together by key interior elements like Glosswood’s timber lining boards. Hunter chose Glosswood for the interior to inject depth into the modern build.



A concern brought up during the build was that the interior may be too cold. Elements that incorporated warmth were “the linen ceiling to floor curtain and the Glosswood panelling that runs down the hallway,” Jess explains with architect Tina Tziallas. “It creates texture and takes hardness away.” Glosswood’s White and Charcoal boards were incorporated into the monochrome palette of the home. The Charcoal boards were used in the office to encourage intimacy, as well as in the master bedroom with a half height dado wall. The White boards were used in the hallway and powder room to make the spaces appear larger.


Glosswood’s Designer Lining was selected as it makes a strong design statement. Hunter was set on using the boards from the initial concept design of the project, back in 2018. The Double Profile was installed in the master bedroom, hallway, home office and powder room. Within the hallway there is concealed cabinetry for storage, with ‘hidden’ door handles crafted from the timber. In addition to the lining boards, Glosswood’s lightweight timber beams were also used in the office as shelving.

Learn more about the project through an interview between Jess and Tina.



Interior Design: Jess Hunter

Build: Tziallas Architects

Photographer: Natalie Hunfalvay