What: Award-winning exterior pavilion
Where: 2016 Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show
Colour: Clear Ash
Product: 90mm Standard Lining Board in Satin UV
Design: Peta Donaldson of Blac Design
Designer Peta and builder Keenan Harris created a gold medal-worthy space when they designed and built this garden for the 2016 Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show. They chose our Satin UV Clear Ash 90mm standard lining board to contrast with en masse grey-toned stone. The design philosophy behind the zoned garden was to create their dream private entertaining space. It can be used for recreation and relaxation, entertaining and solitude – summer or winter. Our boards bring a warmth to the otherwise cold structure, and break up the stone to create a lightness to what otherwise may have been a heavy monolithic structure.

Our Satin UV Clear Ash lining board contrasts beautifully with the grey-toned stone and greenery. We feel it lends a refined feel to the floating outdoor structure.

It’s the restrained materials palette that gives this space its style, while the overlapping design and sprawling greenery blur the edges for a sense of harmony.

The space is incredibly usable in summer and winter, and both seasons inbetween. Swim in the pool, relax on the lounger, warm-up by the fire, sit on the steps, read a book or catch-up with friends in the seating area… it truly answers all needs.

We at Glosswood love that long, low open fire! The fleck of white in the fireplace and stepper stones breaks up the grey structure (further broken with the white furniture), while our boards in the ceiling bring a freshness and lightness to the overall look.

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