5 steps before ordering

5 steps before ordering

Follow these easy steps to make the ordering process run smoothly…

1. Consider the suitability

Before commencing your project, its important to look at where the product is being installed and whether Glosswood is suitable. The timber range is suitable for internal applications as well as external, given that it is undercover and protected. If you are unsure of the environment (installing near the coast, humid environment) or application (high traffic commercial space, bathroom installation) speak to the Glosswood team or refer to our Installation Guides

2. Check the availability

It’s important to speak to the Glosswood team about leadtime before your project is due for installation. Glosswood may need to produce your order, so ensuring you have enough leadtime will keep the project. Also keep in mind Glosswood’s production is in Perth, so shipping takes a few days interstate.

3. Determine who is installing the product

If you’re looking to book a qualified installer, keep in mind they can become booked-up leading into the warmer months. If you’re looking to use a carpenter or builder ensure you book them in prior to when you are requiring them. Alternatively, the experienced DIY-er can install our timber lining boards by following our comprehensive Installation Guides

4. Work out the quantities

The product required can be calculated by square metre (m2) or lineal metre (LM). Ensure the board coverage is considered. Board coverage refers to the face of the lining board that is visible, as a few millimetres is hidden in the tongue and groove once installed. If you have questions about working out quantities required, consult your designer/installer or speak with the Glosswood team. 10% wastage is recommended as a general rule.

5. Read the Installation Guide before you begin

It’s important to read the Installation & Maintenance Guides prior to installing the boards. This will give an idea of what is required, how the product is fixed and also how to maintain the timber well into the future.