5 easy ways to update your home (that are cost effective & DIY)

5 easy ways to update your home (that are cost effective & DIY)

Spending more time at home? Make it a space you love – that inspires, motivates & reflects your personal style. And it doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. Small details can create a completely different feel in your abode. Here are five updates that will refresh your home:

1. Change the lighting.

Lighting has a massive influence on your space. We can control artificial lighting to evoke different feelings. Are you able to utilise multiple lamps to set a mood and add character, rather than over bearing down-lights? Try changing the bulbs to a warmer or dimmable lightbulb to change the ambience of a space.

2. Create a vignette.

Vignette is a term used a lot in the design world. It refers to a group of objects used together. This could be made up of flowers, pottery, a personal momento and various homeware pieces. Create a vignette at the bedside table, or a nook in the living room. The best part if it is free to create a vignette; simply group your favourite items.

3. Create a feature wall with Glosswood.

Is your living room lacking texture? Is your bedroom needing some warmth? Glosswood’s timber lining boards are a cost effective way to update your space, with over 20 colours and a range of timber profiles. The tongue & groove boards are also D.I.Y, making them an easy way to create a feature wall. Explore the range here.

4. Declutter your high-traffic areas.

One of the easiest ways to clear your home (and mind) is to declutter. Certain areas of the home become stations for accumulating various objects. Sift through kitchen drawers and hallway benches, and either donate, sell, throw out or re-purpose these items.

5. Create more space.

More space can be created easily by moving, removing or adding… Move pieces in the home around; can your dining table be rotated, or perhaps you don’t need both bedside tables? Remove furniture that isn’t adding to your main living spaces. Less is more. Add mirrors to create the illusion of expanse. Add pieces that reflect your personality, and remove anything that doesn’t.



Image 1: Eskay Design & BGC Residential
Image 2: Fairhaven Homes
Image 3: Sara Campbell
Image 4: Madeleine Blanchfield Architects
Image 5: Paul Tilse Architects & Vanessa Hawes
Feature image: DECUS interiors