Our Timber

Glosswood looked to Paulownia for its innovative lining boards right from the start. Why? It’s light, dimensionally stable, has a beautiful grain with minimal knots, is easy to work with and sustainable. In fact, Paulownia is considered to be one of the fastest growing trees on the planet. It can grow up to two metres a year, so can be harvested at 10-12 years (pine is harvested at 20 years, jarrah at 70 years) and can reshoot up to six times before replanting is needed. “Back in the 1990s, we spent time looking around Australia and the globe to find a timber to suit our purpose. It had to be sustainable, have guaranteed availability over a long timeframe, a beautiful grain, stain well and be dimensionally stable and lightweight for easy installation in ceilings and walls,” says Pam Thomson, Glosswood director and co-founder. Paulownia answered all those needs and has stood the test of time. (See the natural colour of Paulownia.)

Glosswood prefinished lining boards are CSIRO fire-rated (Grade 3) and termite tested (as a lining board product it is less attractive to termites than pine or jarrah). It’s also well known that Paulownia has excellent acoustic characteristics. It has been used by the Chinese for thousands of years in musical instruments and is used as an acoustic material in some of the top recording studios around the globe. While native to Asia, this timber today grows in plantations throughout the world, including Australia.