Secret Door using Glosswood

There are endless uses for a hidden door. Prior to installing, make sure you see Glosswood’s recommendations below for a seamless solution.

Door Allowance

Glosswood Lining Boards and Acoustic Panels can be installed onto an existing door. The carpenter needs to follow the installation guide to ensure correct installation. The allowance under the door needs to be considered, to ensure there is enough space so the lining doesn’t touch.

Hidden handle

How will the door will be opened? Do you want to use a door handle, or perhaps construct a handle from timber? Another option is to have a soft-closing hinge system so no handle is required. For the above project, a slim handle was selected in a white finish which blended with the Acoustic Panels behind. At first glance, the door handle is seamless with the timber

Colour & Profile Selection

Consider which colours and profiles are best for concealing the secret door. The featured door was lined with Acoustic Panels which work well for hiding the door frame, due to the deep cut profile spacing of the panel.


Touching up the boards or panels may be necessary if the secret door is in a high-traffic area. Glosswood supply a small tin of oil for the Matte range. It is essential that the installer end-seal’s the boards, and follows the Glosswood Installation Guide. If you have any further questions contact the Glosswood team


Photography: Claire McFerran (Gathering Light)