How to: Use Glosswood in a bar or restaurant

Glosswood has been used on a range of hospitality projects – from large-scale shopping centres, to rooftop restaurants to hole-in-the-wall cafes. If you’re looking to use Glosswood in an upcoming hospitality project, make sure you read our top tips on what to consider prior to selecting a product. To see more hospitality projects, click here


The first thing to consider is the application – where are the boards being installed? Is it a ceiling or walling application? Are the boards being installed internally, or undercover externally? Is it in a high-traffic area and will be in contact with foot traffic, shopping trolleys and so forth? If using the timber lining boards under a front counter, Glosswood recommends using a laminate kick-board or tile to protect the timber. If using Glosswood on the ceiling, consider how downlights and sprinkler systems will look (Paulownia timber is very easy to cut)


Glosswood have two finishes; Matte and Satin. The Matte finish is a stain, and can be re-oiled if required. The Satin finish is a superior coating that is cured by UV light. Consider which finish will be best for the hospitality space.  If the boards are being installed in a space that may need wiping down, the Satin finish would be more desirable. Read more about the finishes here in the Installation Guide.

Colour Selection

One of the key reasons clients are drawn to Glosswood is the beautiful colour range. Glosswood has spent years developing the range which now has over 20 colours in natural and contemporary colours. Consider whether the lining boards will be the key feature of the space, or whether they should compliment the other materials in the interior. All of the Glosswood range is prefinished – meaning the timber is ready to be installed and there is no further finishing required by the installer.


Lastly, maintenance needs to be taken into account. The Lining Boards need to be cleaned regularly to ensure there is no build up of dust, cob-weds and/or salt residue. When installing in a hospitality venue, ensure the owner understands the maintenance responsibility. Read the full Maintenance Guide here.

If you have a question or would like a sample, get in contact with the Glosswood team for more information