Glosswood in “tiny home” design

When the St James Whitting team told us they were looking at using our Clear Ash in their upcoming Home Extension project we were more than excited to hear they were using Glosswood. St James Whitting came up with the concept of the FuturePOD. But don’t be fooled – this is no Granny Flat! The home extension is an exempt development, which means it does not require Council approval or accredited certification in New South Wales. The eco-friendly home is flexible, and can be used as an office space, bedroom, eating space and so on. It has a relaxed feel, combining elements of work and play. The designers, Catherine Whitting and Kate St James, chose to use Glosswood timber lining in Clear Ash

The 90mm Lining Board was selected from the Glosswood range to create a connecting element between the interior and exterior. The lining board acts as a backdrop for the furniture pieces to really emphasise how the space will be utilised. The timber helps to form a homely feel, and creates leading lines within the interior. Glosswood’s Satin UV colour Clear Ash was selected in the space to compliment the warm palette. The blonde-toned boards tie also tie in with the surrounding furniture and external elements. The Clear Ash emphasises the relaxed, modern style of the FuturePOD.


Photographer: Marian Riabiac