6PR Radio Station by Taylor Robinson

What: Radio Station
Where: Perth, WA
Colour: Oak
Product: Acoustic Panel
Design: Taylor Robinson and CS Interiors

Nestled in East Perth, the 6PR Radio Station has had an exciting change. Design team Taylor Robinson and CS Interiors turned to the Glosswood range for an acoustic solution, incorporating timber Acoustic Panels into the Radio Station’s lobby ceiling. Inspired by clean lines and a neutral colour palette, the Acoustic Panels were used to create an eye-catching detail in the beautifully modernised space. As the entrance to the 6PR Radio Station is a high-traffic area, noise was a key design element considered from the early design stages. Taylor Robinson turned to our Acoustic Panels as they have excellent acoustic qualities, save on installation time (as they’re lightweight with an easy fixing system), and available in a range of beautiful Matte and Satin finishes. Our Square Edge trim was also used, carrying the blonde timber through the space to create an interesting ceiling feature [Pictured Right Image].

Timber Acoustic Panels Perth 2

The Acoustic Panels are not only ideal for sound absorption, but also enhancing the aesthetics of the interior. Oak was selected from the colour range as it has a beautiful blonde timber-look and a highly durable Satin U.V. finish. The mid-tone timber brings warmth to the otherwise neutral colour palette. The panels were installed alternating between running horizontally and vertically to make a design feature, and create a sense of direction throughout the interior. The designers were particularly drawn to the beautiful deep-cut shadow line of the Acoustic Fabric backing between the timber slats as it adds emphasis to the leading lines within the space.

Timber Acoustic Panels Perth

Perfect for commercial applications, the Acoustic Panels are able to significantly improve the acoustic qualities of the space. Glosswood use Paulownia timber, known for its excellent acoustic properties. With acoustic textile added behind the timber, the panel has an exceptional Acoustic Rating. As the Acoustic range is made from timber, mechanical systems can be integrated into the design. Matte black finishes were chosen for the fixtures in this space for a sleek, modern look. Access to building services was also incorporated into the design, as the Acoustic Panels are lightweight and can be easily removed. See more Acoustic Panel projects here.

Photography: Claire McFerran