2018 Timber Trends

2018 Timber Trends

We recently were fortunate enough to have a chat with landscape lover Ascher Smith, one of the West Coast’s most influential outdoor designers. There’s a reason Ascher has a forever-growing Instagram following. Her lust-worthy style is injected into clients homes through the use of greenery, cool grey & white tones, and consistent use of natural timber. Her outdoor spaces demonstrate a great understanding of material use and ability to think outside the box. Ascher explains how she creates timeless spaces and her thoughts on Timber Trends for 2018.

About Ascher

Ascher’s love for outdoor design began more than a decade ago in Broome, Western Australia. Initially landscaping, she has since moved into the design realm of exterior styling and landscape design. “I found myself in love with the creative aspect of landscaping,” She tells us. “And the myriad of options nature has given us to create beautiful outdoor spaces.” Predominantly designing within residential spaces, she works alongside the client to find out what areas of the home they love and spend a lot of time in. “I always advise clients to create a curated space where they can find a sense of belonging, and be proud to call it home.” Ascher elaborates, “It means that it is long-lasting, sophisticated, enjoyable, flexible, elegant and timeless. Plus a tiny pinch of humour, as an added bonus where it makes you enjoy staying there. It’s what gives these places sustainability and peace of mind. You should never feel tired of the design.” Her Mid-Century modern designs often explore how a less-is-more approach to landscape design can make way for material focus. 

Using natural materials in design 

It’s evident from her projects that Ascher is not one to shy away from working with natural materials. Her focus is to create sustainable spaces through the use of natural and eco-friendly materials. “Mostly I love designing with natural stone & timbers, steel & concrete, brass & copper,” She admits. “It allows me to mix my styles to suit individual clients and their homes.” She has also been a big fan of Glosswood, implementing our timber lining boards not only into clients homes but her own home. “We wanted to create a feature wall in our Sun Room with something that gave a huge impact as you entered the house,” Ascher explains. “The Glosswood timber lining in Charcoal created a strong, yet warm, contrast against the white walls of our home.”

So what can expect as far as Design Trends in 2018?

As far as next year, we’ll be using more natural elements. Think along the lines of sustainable natural textiles and timbers, handcrafted finishes, with whimsical touches of brass or copper. “I would like to think that we are moving more towards trends that embrace self-expression and imperfection around the home and garden,” Ascher says. Take a look around any home design magazine, and you’ll see that timber is now very much a stand-alone feature in contemporary design, both indoors and outdoors.” So which colours does Ascher predict will be trending? She believes we will be moving towards greys tones (Jetty, Feather Grey), limewashed whites (Limewash) and blonde timber tones (Clear Ash). And as a lover of mid-century influence, Ascher also thinks Spotted Gum will be a winner. “It’s my absolute favourite for indoors and outdoors for a really natural warmth that contrast beautifully up against lush greens, concrete and steel.”

Shifting from “Trends” to Timeless Design

Ascher believes home-owners are starting to move towards designing with a focus on making the space timeless. When it comes to financial investment your home is probably one of the greatest you’ll have,” She tells us. “And there’s no better way to treat your investment than to give it the best makeover there is. This usually requires not only time and money,” she explains “But keeping up with the newest and hottest trends for home renovations. I think because of this people are now seeing the importance of creating ‘timeless homes’.”  Ascher Smith’s designs focus heavily on creating functional outdoor entertaining areas that connect the home to the garden. “Most importantly,” she tells us, “I want to create a welcoming garden space to enjoy and relax in!”

Ascher has been busily finishing up projects, expecting the arrival of her second baby in December. To see more of her projects, head to www.aschersmith.com.au