Perth Convention Centre by The Buchan Group

What: Liberty Cafe @ Perth Convention Centre
Where: 21 Mounts Bay Rd, Perth WA
Colour: Possum
Product: Designer Lining Double Profile
Design: The Buchan Group

The Buchan Group are behind the fit-out of Liberty Cafe, a relaxing space within the vast interior of the Perth Convention Centre. The cafe is contemporary, style-conscious and the beauty is really in the details. Liberty Cafe has a beautiful transition between spaces through the use of materiality, which includes Glosswood’s prefinished timber lining boards. The timber graduates through the cafe into the outdoor room, the adjoining bar and out into the soffit lining of the protected entry way. The matte black ceiling elements compliment the chocolate tones of the Possum timber lining, which work in unity together throughout the space.


The clean linear lines of the interior are created through the Designer Lining boards, which create movement through the interior and direct occupants into the different spaces within the cafe. Shadow play is a key element of the design, with natural light creating a deep shadow-line throughout the timber boards which is emphasised during the late afternoon light.

Colour Selection

The team at Buchan Group selected the matte colour Possum, which works as a subtle backdrop with its rich brown tones. Glosswood uses Paulownia timber, which is coated with an oil stain to mimic the natural native timber colours. Possum was selected to add a touch of warmth to the semi-industrial interior, while still staying true to the darker colour palette of the space. 


Photographer: Claire McFerran (Gathering Light)