Bathers Beach House by MJA Studio

What: Beachside Venue
Where: 47 Mews Rd, Fremantle, WA
Colour: Charcoal and Distressed White
Product: Designer Lining Single Profile + 90mm Standard Lining board in Satin UV
Design: MJA Studio

Since opening in 2014, Bathers Beach House has become a beacon for beach-side dining. The venue is the perfect mix between modern and relaxed, achieved through the friendly staff and clever materiality choices. One selection that helped create this atmosphere was the use of Glosswood prefinished timber lining on the bar-front and internal columns.


The colour choices in the interior are respectful of the location, with Distressed White lining board tying in to the laid-back beachy vibe. This is also prevalent with the Charcoal lining board on the pillars taking influence from the framework of the old jetty segments that still line the sand. The darks tones of the Charcoal on the columns brings a sense of strength to the crisp interior, creating leading lines that direct diners through the space. The Distressed White used under the counter top draws you in to the bar-space, where the staff create fresh cocktails (our favourite is the watermelon spritzer of course!)


Announced today, Bathers Beach House has been accepted as the first beachfront venue granted liquor licensing in Western Australia. This now allows patrons to relax on the deck chairs while having a drink, with sand between their toes and views out to the ocean. If you’re looking for a venue with a casual vibe, fresh food and views out to the Indian Ocean – Bathers Beach House is the venue.