What: Family home
Where: Beachside suburb, WA
Colour: Possum Matte
Product: Designer Lining Single and Double profiles
Design: Arc Seven.1
Economics and material depth were the factors involved in award-winning Building Design studio Arc Seven.1 looking to Glosswood Designer Lining for this new build. “We had a 200sqm ceiling that ran from indoors to out and a pared-back palette with bluestone, so we wanted to bring in the timber for warmth,” says director Jason Saunders. He chose the Possum colour in our Designer Lining range, alternating the Single and Double profiles for a custom pattern. The look replicates the jagged installation of the bluestone, providing continuity of form while providing a contrast of colour. Frameless glass cuts into the ceiling to separate indoors from out, while the Designer Lining board stretches towards the ocean view. This strong line gives the feel of the interior reaching out into its surrounds, while the natural timber provides an all-important feel of intimacy in the large open-plan area. “The darker colour is sophisticated and grounding,” adds Jason.

Strong circular cut-outs are a feature of the outdoor room, which opens are both ends via soaring 3.2m-high frameless glass bifolds.


Glosswood runs from inside to out to merge both areas and give a pavilion feel to the main living area on the first floor.


Detail of the circular cut-out. One of the benefits of Glosswood is its ability to be easily cut on sharp angles.


Our Possum Designer Lining boards bring a grounding, soulful feel to the sprawling top floor, while bringing all spaces together as one.